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The Trickle Down Effect
by Michael C. Keith

It’s raining. Whoa . . . it’s raining hard. No, it’s really, really coming down. It’s like a hurricane. No, more like a tsunami. Zillions of drops are hitting against the skylight. Sounds like a trillion snare drums. Crap, maybe the glass will break. If it does it’ll be like a waterfall coming into the house. This could be terrible . . . disastrous. Everything could get ruined. Man, I better move all the stuff that’s under the skylight, and I better do it fast. Jeez, the place feels like a quadrillion pebbles are battering it. Oh no, there’s a huge damp spot forming at the base of the skylight! This is the start of something really bad. The whole ceiling could come down. Should get a tarp from the garage and cover everything. Holy moley, hear that? Hear that? It’s coming down even harder now. Floods . . . there will be flooding. The whole town will be under water. Lives may be lost. Life will change as we know it for weeks until the water recedes and power is restored. Oh, shit . . . the power. Son of a . . . no CSI tonight!