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The Treatment
by M. Allman

I sat on the crinkly paper listening to a doctor diagnose me with ED. Yep, erectile dysfunction.  I listened as he explained what it is, and why I shouldn’t be embarrassed or feel like any less of a man.

After a brief moment to soak it all in, I had to ask. “What’s the treatment? A pill?”

Doc shook his head. “I don’t think taking a pill is the answer. You seem to be in good health, so I’d like you to try an experimental treatment.”

“Okay. I’m up for experimental I guess.”

“I think your problem is up here." He pointed at his head. “And not down here, “he said gesturing to the groin area. “ So, my treatment, as crazy as it sounds, is to try something out of the ordinary. Go home, slip into your wife’s lingerie, and let loose and have fun,” he said wiggling his brows.

“You’re kidding right?” I slid off the table to grab my pants to get out of there.

“Just try it. If it doesn’t work, come back and we’ll talk about medications.”


I left feeling worse than when I went in. What kind of man wears his wife’s undies? I mumbled as I walked into the house.  

My wife stood there with a questioning stare.

I sat on the couch, she sat down beside me.

“What?”  I snapped.

“Sorry. I just want to know how your doctor visit went. What did he say?”

She held my hand firmly as if I were terminal.

“Honestly, I think he’s a quack. He told me to wear your unmentionables.”

She leaned back clapping his hands squealing with laughter.

“That’s it. I’m going in the other room.”

She grabbed my arm as I started to stomp away. Her large, brown eyes still twinkled with laughter.  “Let’s try it.” She started to snicker and quickly covered her mouth. “It might be fun to get a little kinky.”

I jerked my arm away. “You can’t be serious?”

“Yes, I am.” She stared up at me, trying to contain her giggles.

I made my way to the bedroom. Was I the only sane person left on the earth? I fell back on the bed, staring at the ceiling. Picturing my large, hairy physique in a bra and panties was sort of funny. I felt bad for being mean and childish, and really what did I have to lose?

I squeezed a pair of pink lace panties and matching bra onto my large body. I danced into the living room, twirling like a ballerina. My wife looked up and squealed with laughter.

She sprang up off the couch and danced with me, leading us both to the bedroom. We fell together, landing side by side on the bed. Kissing and hugging, while we laughed.

My wife rolled over on top of me and smiled. “I think the treatment is working.” She winked.