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Ten Signs That It's Time to Leave Your Discount Resort
by Michael C. Keith

1.     When the AC consists of 5 locals blowing on a block of ice.

2.     When a sign above the commode says: “Only flush on Mondays.”

3.     When your balcony sways with the beat of the mariachi band.

4.     When the staff locks you in your room at night.

5.     When the remaining rooms have been rented to the Hell’s Angels.

6.     When the fine print on the menu says: “Eat at your own risk.”

7.     When the bed sheets are signed by the previous guests.

8.     When a drug cartel holds a meeting in the room adjoining yours.

9.     When the jet contrails above the hotel form a warning.

10.   When you find a copy of Dante’s Inferno in your room instead of the Gideon Bible.