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Writers' Showcase

by Michael C. Keith

A guy suspects his wife is having an affair, so he buys a drone to spy on her.

The next morning she sets off on her day, and her husband launches it.

A small screen allows him to watch as the drone tracks her movements.

Her first stop is at an upscale clothing store in the center of town.

Aha, grumbles her spouse, got to look pretty for your little honey, eh?

An hour later, she emerges with several shopping bags and drives to a hair salon.

Getting a new hairdo for your hunky sweetheart?

Next, the remotely controlled aerial vehicle follows her to a posh beauty spa.

That’s right . . . keep that body lean and sexy for your lover.

By mid-day the flying robot has shadowed her to a doctor’s office.

More Botox, huh? Need to keep those age lines at bay for him, huh?

Two hours later, his wife returns home.

Her husband is waiting for her when she arrives, and his anger is obvious.

“What’s the matter with you?” she asks.

“Do you know how much money you spent today to look hot for your boyfriend?” he growls.

“Not as much as you spent on that drone to follow me,” she responds.