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"Resist and Refuse" The Health Care Bill:
Real Patriots Taking Real Actions Against ObamaCare
by Neil Wollman

I'm tired of my fellow anti-ObamaCare folks complaining, but not really doing anything about the new law. Let’s not be hypocritical like my Republican brethren who complained about the Obama economic stimulus plan and then praised themselves for getting money and helping their states. The health care bill is a disaster and I’m not going to just shout at a few demonstrations and wait till it’s repealed.

Instead of “Repeal and Replace” the bill as suggested by Republican lawmakers, let’s “Resist and Refuse” the bill and not abide by it’s socialist and dictatorial control of citizens and the insurance industry. I don’t trust the Republicans either and as long as Barrack Hussein Obama is President, the bill will never be repealed anyway. So let’s fight it with all the weapons we can muster. I was going to call it “Reload and Refuse” like my sister Sarah Palin might do, but then our opponents would say I was provoking violence when they’re just dead wrong.

Let me highlight one example of what’s wrong with the bill and what I’m going to do. I have teenagers in my household and have heard that I can now keep them on my insurance plan till they’re 26 years old. Well, I don’t intend to. When they reach the age when I previously would have had to put them on new plans for themselves, I will. It’s just the right thing to do because that’s what the insurance companies have always insisted.

Keeping my kids on my insurance plan is just another part of the Nanny state liberals want to foist upon us. It’s creeping socialism. First it’s up to age 26. Then it’s age 30 and who knows where it will end—maybe where all families will just always be covered by insurance forever! Health care just won’t be valued as much when everyone has it. And that’s the evil of socialism, telling you that you have to be able to get health care; which brings me to the blatantly unconstitutional mandate that everyone has to get health insurance. Sure, some will say that everyone has to pay for Social Security out of their paychecks. Well, people can just decide not to work. That solves that problem.

I feel the same way about other parts of this bill, which can only be labeled as terrorist in nature since it’s the worst attack we have experienced since 9-11. If insurance companies try to raise rates and are stopped because of the new law, I intend to pay what they requested. If I change insurance plans, don’t expect me to ask to be covered for any pre-existing conditions. And I can fill in any prescription drug “dough-nut holes” myself, thank you.

Anyway, it’s all a plot to hurt insurance companies that are just practicing free enterprise capitalism. I don’t want a government take-over of my health and life (and one-sixth of the economy), so I am just not going to let that happen. I will take advantage of what insurance companies used to offer and know that they are looking after my best interests. And it’ll put a few extra bucks in their pockets during these difficult times for all.

Maybe some day the whole bill will be repealed. But until then, I will fight it and hope that all patriotic Americans will join me. We have the best health care system in the world right now, so why make changes, right? And after we win this battle, we will take on Medicare and Social Security in the same way—until everyone has to fend for themselves, the way it ought to be. That's what made America great.

(This is, of course, a satire and fictionalized account, but the issues covered are very real.)