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Question & Answer
by Michael C. Keith

When Emilio Garcia returned to consciousness after having died and been buried, he was more than a little thrilled.

We do come back after death. We do. We actually do, he thought, as he gently floated through the clouds, finally landing in a field of stunning beauty.

This must be Heaven. It’s so magnificent. But where is God? he wondered, and then he noticed a glistening throne upon which sat a bearded figure in a white robe.

It’s him. I’m going to get to talk to the Almighty. He’ll explain everything . . . answer the question that has haunted me my whole life.

Without moving a muscle in his gaunt body, he found himself at the foot of the throne and kneeling before its hallowed occupant.

“Hello, Dear Lord. I’ve waited so long to ask you this one . . . “

Before Emilio could finish his sentence, the All Knowing and Omniscient addressed his burning question.

“I can’t explain the meaning of life to you––for it defies even my understanding. But I can direct you to the best place to eat up here.”