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Photo Finished
by Michael C. Keith

As soon as questions of decision or choice arise, human science is at a loss.

        –– Noam Chomsky

Samantha tried to decide what photo to use on her new Facebook page.

It has to be just right, because everyone will see it . . . including my boss.

The first picture she considered seemed to possess all the right qualities.

I look pretty, my clothes are nice, and I have a friendly but businesslike expression.

For several moments she contemplated uploading it but then changed her mind.

No, it’s kind of stiff and nerdy.

Thumbing through her photo album, she came across another possible candidate.

Oh, I liked my hair that color.

But she quickly decided against it, because she was no longer a platinum blond.

Maybe this yearbook picture would be fun.

Samantha noticed that a pimple was visible on her cheek and dismissed the image.

Dammit, if it weren’t for that, I’d use it.

Another photo struck her as a possibility.

Bet this one of me in my Snoopy pajamas at six years old would get a laugh.

After a short pause, she ruled it out as off point.

Everybody will think I’m not serious and that I’m stuck in the past.

She discounted yet another snapshot with her current boyfriend.

It’s cute but who knows how long we’ll be together?

Next to it was a picture that excited her.

This one of me hiking makes me look healthy and outdoorsy.

But ultimately she thought it made her look like a jock.

Besides, it may give the impression that I play more than I work.

Another picture depicted her as a senior center volunteer.

It sure shows my serious side, but I hate what I have on.

Samantha was down to two choices as she reached the last page of her album.

This one of me with my granny is really sweet.

But once again she determined that it wasn’t right.

I think it should be just me, not with a family member.

The final photograph nailed it for her, and she posted it without thinking twice.

Wow, my butt really looks great in that thong bikini.

In minutes, she had more Friends than she ever imagined possible . . . but no job.