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Writers' Showcase

by Michael C. Keith

Margery was passive aggressive, or so her husband kept telling her.

“And how do you know that? What makes you the expert?” she asked.

“Because you keep the things that really bother you all pent up and attack the little things to vent your built up anger.

“Like what, Dr. Freud? Please tell me.”

“Okay, the other day you got all over my case because I tracked a little grease onto the livingroom rug. You yelled like a crazed banshee. You’d have thought I set fire to the house.”

“So what should I have been taking my true anger out on? Give me one good example, Mr. Know-It-All.”

“Yeah, well you haven’t brought up anything about the panties you found in the back seat of my . . . I mean, “ stammered Ben, losing the grip on his glass of tomato juice.

“Asshole! You spilled your drink on the new placemats,” shrieked Margery, reaching for a carving knife.