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Writers' Showcase

Numbed De Plume
by Michael C. Keith

“My name is Saul and I’m Gore Vidal,” proclaimed Saul Cather.

“My name is Howard and I’m Noel Coward,” chirped Howard King.

“My name is Kyle and I’m Oscar Wilde,” beamed Kyle Mayberry.

“My name is Fay and I’m Ernest Hemingway,” declared Fay Golding

“My name is Cline and I’m Gertrude Stein,” responded Cline Milne.

“My name is Dwyer and I’m Stephenie Meyer,” uttered Dwyer Moore.

“My name is Harold and I’m F. Scott Fitzgerald,” saluted Harold Camus.

“My name is Brooke and I’m Robin Cook,” chimed Brooke Puskin.

“My name is Jesse and I’m Herman Hesse,” intoned Jesse Walker.

“My name is Nancy and I’m Tom Clancy,” grumbled Nancy Ginsberg.

“My name is Missy and I’m Agatha Christie,” hissed Missy Ghosh.

“My name is Hank and I’m Anne Frank,” whispered Hank Rice.

“My name is Lucky and I’m Aldous Huxley,” offered Lucky Doyle.

“My name is Mark and I’m Arthur C. Clark,” divulged Mark Roy.

“My name is Kath and I’m Sylvia Plath,” moaned Kath Milton.

“My name is Harris and I’m David Sedaris,” quipped Harris Rand.

“My name is May and I’m Zane Grey,” drawled May Astrid.

“My name is Norton and I’m Edith Wharton,” snorted Norton Ellis.

“My name is Bea and I’m Harper Lee,” warbled Bea Grimm.

“My name is Kelly and I’m Mary Shelley,” howled Kelly Lewis.

“My name is Rick and I’m Philip K. Dick,” nodded Rick Cookson.

“My name is Moll and I’m Roald Dahl,” interjected Moll Hitchens.

“My name is Kitten and I’m S.E. Hinton,” purred Kitten Marlowe

“My name is Fran and I’m Thomas Mann,” stated Fran Barker.

“My name is Jake and I’m William Blake,” waxed Jake Wallace.

“Welcome to the rhyming writer’s multiple-identity psychotherapy group,” said Dr. Lain. “My Name is Samuel Clemens.”