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Writers' Showcase

Millennial Geography
by Michael C. Keith

Where ignorance is bliss,

‘Tis folly to be wise.

                        –– Thomas Gray

He thinks Fargo is only a movie.

She thinks Dubai is an invitation to shop.

He thinks London is in New England.

She thinks the South is north of the Mason-Dixon Line.

He thinks New York City is across the Ohio River.

She thinks you can drive to Bermuda.

He thinks the Netherlands is in Disney World.

She thinks Greenland is really green.

He thinks India is a Native American tribe.

She thinks the capitol of Paris is France.

He thinks Iowa borders Oregon.

She thinks Bollywood is in California.

He thinks Alabama is in South America.

She thinks Illinois is pronounced Ill-ah-noise.

He thinks the Mexican Border was a Spanish bookstore.

She thinks The Great Wall of China is an Asian restaurant.

He thinks Budapest is an insect repellent.

She thinks Cologne, Germany, is a fragrance.

He thinks Venus is a city in Italy crisscrossed by a series of cannolis.

She thinks Tiananmen Square is a board game.

He thinks the Black Sea is in Africa.

They think GPS is Geography.