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Writers' Showcase

Life's Profound Questions
by Michael C. Keith

Do fish prefer to be deep-fried, baked, or consumed raw?

Does the Bird of Paradise live in Detroit?

Can toes be taught to clip their own nails?

Does weather laugh at meteorologists?

Will cancer ever be used to improve the quality of life?

Does the Earth feel pressure at its core?

Can warts be made to look attractive?

Is the cactus community aware it is full of pricks?

Where can rats find a place they are loved?

Can flies be programmed to eat one another?

Does a political party exist that respects both sides of an issue?

Is famine ever truly fulfilling?

Does asphalt like to be driven over?

Why do alligators taste like chicken?

When does a poem really write itself?

Does granite ever feel weak?

Are slugs enjoying themselves?

What kind of food does thought like?