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Is God a Narcissist? Or Why Atheists Cringe (with Subtext)
by Michael C. Keith

We’re alive. So, we can thank God for that.” (Too bad about all the others though.)

“God saved us from dying in the accident.” (He saw if wasn’t our time.)

“The Lord decided to keep us alive.” (Out of all the others, we were chosen.)

“God’s grace kept us safe from the storm.” (That killed all those other folks.)

“Everybody else perished, but God protected us.” (He singled us out as Christians.)

“The Heavenly Father guarded the members of our family.” (For living by His word.)

“The Savior lifted us from the fire, but all the rest died.” (For not seeking His salvation.)

“We asked Him to spare us.” (And He listened to our calls for help.)

“Guess the Lord was just on our side.” (And not with that other family.)

God watches over His people. (Not those who reject Him.)

“Our faith in the Almighty is what saved us.” (That’s why we lived and they didn’t.)

“He showed mercy for my wife and me.” (‘Cause we are churchgoers.)

“The Holy Spirit answered our prayers.” (That’s the way of the Lord.)

“Thank God for curing our child of cancer.” (We asked him for a miracle.)

“He kept our house standing during the quake.” (God made it stronger than the others.)

“We didn’t lose our fortune during the recession.” (Because we invested in the Lord.)

“Give yourself over to Him.” (And He will let you enter paradise.)

“You’ll burn in Hell if you deny Him. (That’s what happens if you don’t praise Him.)

Amen . . .