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If Things Were Made to Last Forever
by Michael C. Keith

There’s nothing new to buy, said Jill.

And not a single thing to fix, Jack said.

I’m so bored with it all, said Jill.

Everything stays so pristine, Jack said.

Like the day we bought it, said Jill.

What will we do today? Jack asked.

There’s no reason to go the shopping mall, said Jill.

And nothing to get at the hardware store, Jack said.

Everything still looks so good, said Jill.

Yeah, and it all works just fine, Jack said.

It’s really a shame that things don’t wear out, said Jill.

It was a better time when they did, Jack said.

Those were the good old days, said Jill.

There was so much to do back then, Jack said.

And so many more places to go, said Jill.

I just wish things got old again, Jack said.

At least we do, said Jill.