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Writers' Showcase

by Wayne Carlan

When I was a teenager I spent the night with a friend and I went out to eat fish with his family. His mom boxed up some leftovers and brought it home. My friend had a brother about 13 and he ended up falling asleep on the couch, big mistake.

I went to get some leftover's for a snack and when I saw the hush puppies I got a brilliant idea. I took 3 hush puppies and walked into the living room by the couch where he was sleeping. I just stood there for minute looking at him to make sure he was really sleeping and not faking it. I almost wake him up just laughing about what I am about to do.

He is curled up in a ball with his face to the back of the couch, perfect. I slowly pulled back the waist band on his underwear and dropped one, two, three hush puppies down the hatch. I then gathered everyone around and we woke him up saying "Dang it man, wake up. You have done crapped all over yourself." He sits up trying to clear his head and figure out what is going on. He wipes his eyes, stretches out his arms and lets out a yawn. Then he gets a strange look on his face. He wiggles his butt on the couch and the confusion is written all over his face. Finally he realizes that there is a strange presence in his drawers that so shouldn’t be there. When he finally feels those hush puppies against his naked butt, the look of confusion quickly changed to a look of pure terror. He got up running to the bathroom gagging the whole way and pulling at the bottom of his drawers.

About half way to the bathroom he pulls a little too hard and one hit’s the floor. He starts to panic and begins to dry heave. He finally makes it to the bathroom and everything gets real quiet. Then I heard a distant voice breaking the silence. "Dang it Wayne, I’m gonna get you. Mom!" To this day I still can't eat hush puppies without laughing.