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How the Cable News Channels Nearly Drove Him Crazy
by Michael C. Keith

Elliot Perceval was a 24-hour a day news junkie. The two bedroom televisions that brought him CNN and Fox remained on as he slept. Even his unconscious world was kept apprised of the day’s bleak events. No wonder I wake up feeling so anxious and agitated, he thought, but could not bring himself to tune out the world’s discord. Then one night the power went out and Elliot woke up believing that global peace had finally been achieved. He rose from bed full of enthusiasm to greet the day. On his way to work, he smiled at his fellow commuters and many returned his smile. Before reaching his office, he made his usual stop for coffee. While he was waiting to be served, he noticed the café’s TV was tuned to the news. “Turn that fucking thing off!” he screamed.