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THE DR. PHILBILLY SHOW - How Not To Drink A Yoohoo
by Wayne Carlan

This one particular beautiful morning I was on my way to work. As usual, I stop everyday at the same quick stop in Kiln, MS and get a sausage and bacon biscuit for breakfast, with a Yoo-hoo. For those of you that may not know what a Yoo-hoo is, it’s only the best tasting chocolate drink ever made. Now you have to keep in mind that the best way to drink a Yoo-hoo is to shake it up real good in between sips to stir up the chocolate.

I leave the store and go down Hwy 603 headed toward Bay St Louis. I take a bite of my biscuit and wash it down with some Yoo-hoo. I take another bite of my biscuit then grab my Yoo-hoo bottle and I shake it up real good. The only problem was I forgot to put the top back on. Craaaaaap! It looked like a Yoo-hoo terrorist had thrown a Yoo-hoo grenade on the inside of my truck. Yoo-hoo is on the windshield and all over my face. I even got Yoo-hoo in my eyes so this whole time I’m swerving down 603 like a drunk driver.

Then my day gets even better, blue lights hit me.. great. I pull over to the side of the road, roll down my window and a Mississippi Highway Patrol officer steps out of his vehicle. I can see his big round hat pop into view out of the corner of my eye. We don’t say a word to each other. He takes out his ticket book, takes one look me with Yoo-hoo dripping off my nose, an empty Yoo-hoo bottle in my hand and he closes his ticket book. He looks at me through those big round mirror shades with his bottom lip quivering and says “have a good day sir”. You could hear him laughing all the way back to his car. What a way to start the day!