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Gender Bender
by Michael C. Keith

He got home from work just a few minutes after his typical arrival time. As usual, supper was on the table. Tonight’s repast included, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and green peas. It was one of her favorite meals. As soon as she sat down, he entered from the kitchen with two tall iced teas and welcomed her home. She said hello and dove into the spread before him. Following supper, she cleared the table, and he headed to his job at the oil refinery, where she had worked for nearly a decade. “Be safe,” he shouted from the kitchen, as he filled the dishwasher. “I will,” she answered, and drove to the mall to pick up a wrench set at Sears. He quickly purchased what he needed and drove back home. After watching TV’s “Who Do You Think You Are?” they turned in for the night, he on one side of the bed and she on his side. The next morning, she arrived back home from her overnight shift at the Seven-Eleven exhausted and ready to hit the sack until noon when he had to go to the gynecologist for his annual checkup. Immediately following her appointment, he returned home and accused her of acting like another person over the last few days. “Oh!” she responded, in a deep muscular tone, “And I suppose you think you’re the perfect woman, Mister?”