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Writers' Showcase

Deejay By the Numbers
by Michael C. Keith

Take a little time ––count five and twenty.
–– Charles Dickens

“One, five, ten. There! Perfect spacing.”

“No. If it were zero, five, ten, it would be perfect spacing . . . jeez!

“C’mon, boss!”

“Can’t let you off the hook that easy.”

“God, man, . . . give me a break. One, five, ten’ is close enough. Nearly perfect.”

“It’s either perfect or it isn’t. You’re off by a digit.”

“Well, crap, that’s nothing. Give me another chance . . . please?”

“Why should I? You didn’t deserve the first chance for what you did.”

“I know . . . I know. I blew the backtiming to the network feed. I’m usually fine talking up to the post. Run a tight board.”

“Not tight enough.”

“Look, just one more shot. I’ll nail it for sure”

“Okay, three digit spacing over a hundred. Go!”

“Ah, damn . . . that’s hard! Okay . . . okay, one hundred-one, one hundred-five, one hundred-ten. Perfect spacing, right?”

“You’re an idiot, but what did I expect. You’re off again. Did you go to grade school?“

“Look, I need my midday air shift. I’ll get tighter.”

“You’re doing midnight to six until you learn to count.”

“The graveyard shift? I can’t be on-the-air seven hours straight, boss!”

Get out!”