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Decisions, Decisions
by M. Allman

Jan sat at the table, her mind playing ping pong while pondering her choices. She wrung her sweaty hands as her eyes darted back and forth at both choices. She knew what she should do, but sometimes everyone needs to take a risk.

She turned to her first choice. "You know I love you more, but you're just not good for me. If I choose you, all sorts of bad things can happen. You do make me so happy though, cheering me up when I'm blue, and you're always there when I need you."

Jan turned to her second choice. "I know you'd be good for me, and wouldn't let me down later. I just don't love you. You're okay once in a while, but you’re not something I want all the time.

"Oh. Why do I have to make this decision? I need you both, but right now, I can only have one of you. Being a woman is so hard. “Jan rested her head on the table, knowing what was right, but wanting to be wrong.

Jan's husband walked into the room."What's up?" Walter asked.

Jan raised her head and pointed at the kitchen table.

"We're not going through this again are we?" Walter shook his head. "Why don't you just eat the chocolate cake? You know you want to." He walked out of the room.

Jan picked up the cake. "He's right. I must do what makes me happy." She made the sinful choice eating the chocolate cake and putting the baby carrots back in the refrigerator.

When she was finished, she went to join Walter in the family room. She stood in the doorway and again before her two choices—the couch or the elliptical trainer.

"Another decision, what's a woman to do?" She looked back and forth between the two.

"Just sit on the couch, Jan. You know you want to." Walter said.