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Writers' Showcase

by Gil A. Waters

This was the defining moment that separates men from boys.

He opened the driver's side door with a swagger.

No longer would he have to endure fatherly admonishments about traffic safety. Now, there would be speeding. And drinking. And girls. Lots of girls.

He slid behind the wheel and smirked at the empty passenger's seat. No more "supervising driver." Just him. Solo.

He turned the key and brought the 1979 Pinto to life. The four horses of power under the lemon-yellow hood coursed through his body.

Shit! He had a hard-on.

He glanced down at the bulge in his Abercrombie shorts and then released the parking brake and put his foot to the pedal.

The car shot backwards into the garage, leaving crumpled garden furniture in its wake, until it came to rest atop the splintered remains of his father's work table.