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Writers' Showcase

by Wayne Carlan

When I was a kid some friends and I used to roam the neighborhood looking for things to do. We would ride bikes, jump ramps, build forts and play baseball. But then there were the long summer days that we needed to be more creative to pass the time when we got bored.

One day we were down by a little stream in back of the subdivision when we came across the biggest bullfrog we have ever seen. For the longest time we just sat and stared in disbelief at the sheer size of the thing.

Then one of my friends that had a pocket full of BB's pulled out a few and started rolling them toward it. This monster of a frog ate them up one by one. We laughed so hard at this stupid frog till our sides ached.

Then I got this idea. I use to keep this large magnet I had found stuck to the side of my bike frame. I went over to my bike and grabbed the magnet concealing it in my hand so no one would see it. I laid down behind the frog, pushed him with my finger and he jumped. Then I pulled out the magnet hiding it in my right hand and held out my left hand. As I wiggled my fingers I motioned the frog back toward me and chanted like a Wizard “Come to meeeee, come to meeee”. He must have eaten 4 or 5 BB's by now so I slipped the magnet closer to his butt and the frog slid back toward the magnet.

After about three times of this all my friends were just starring at me not saying a word. I could tell they were a little freaked out so I looked up at them with an evil grin, raised my hands to them and yelled “ALAKAZAAAM!”. They tripped over each other screaming and ran for their lives. I played by myself for two whole days but it was so worth it. I’m just sayin’.