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Writers' Showcase

by Wayne Carlan

Many years ago I worked at a finance company with my good buddy Joey Temples. We had our Christmas party at a restaurant in Slidell, LA called “Dixie and Lamar’s.” Now Dixie and Lamar use to play in Hank William Jr’s band. One of them was even his brother-in-law; I can’t remember which one though. Anyway, we were having a great time, listening to them play music, eating wonderful food and having a few drinks and I’m feeling pretty good.

Joey gets up to go to the restroom and when he returns he sees me up on stage with Dixie and Lamar playing in the band. Now I can play a pretty mean guitar but that wasn’t my instrument of choice at this moment. I had grabbed two spoons off our table and Joey is shocked to see me clickin’ and a clackin’. I was hammering down on those bad boys. I even had a solo, “click, clack, click, clack, click, click, click, clack.”

I can see Joey’s mouth moving but I can’t hear a word he said. Good thing I can read lips. He said “What in the heck is that crazy son of a gun doing?” The song ends and Dixie said, “Let’s hear it for Click Clack.” Everybody claps and they set up for the next song, but I ain’t moving. I’m just getting warmed up. Dixie looks at me and says again “Let’s hear it for Click Clack.” Everybody claps again but I don’t budge.

Dixie keeps staring at me… I said “I’m ready, lead us in brother.” He just starts laughing, shrugs his shoulders at Lamar and he leads off with the next song. I start clickin’ and clackin’. Dixie can’t stand it no more and has to stop paying because he is laughing so hard. I take advantage of this opportunity to give another solo. Click, clack, click, clack, cli…, dang I dropped a spoon on the stage and Dixie kicks it away with one swift move and says “Let’s hear it for Click Clack.”

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. I took a bow and went back to my seat. No one at the table can breathe and tears are rolling down all their faces. Joey’s sister Karla says “I ain’t wrote in my journal for years but this is going in it.” Good times. I’m just sayin’.