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Beatrice's Birthday Bash
by M. Allman

"Yup, that's what they told me, Gladys. We'll celebrate wherever I want." Beatrice said with a wide smile, her eyes gleaming with excitement.

"So, you've already decided that's where you want to celebrate your big eight- zero?" Gladys snickered.

"I've never been there, but I've always wanted to go. A lot of people have birthdays reserved there." Beatrice stopped in the hall. Looking in the mirror, she spritzed her cottony, gray hair with some hairspray.

"Well, if that's what makes you happy, I'll be there. See ya round five, Bea."

Beatrice hung up the phone and frantically searched for the lint roller to get all the fuzz bunnies off her yellow polyester pants, and matching sunflower motif shirt. She opened a new package of knee-his, so she could wear her black penny loafers. They will match perfectly, she thought.

She stood in front of the mirror looking at herself with her horned rimmed glasses on and then with them off. "You better wear them, Bea. You don't want to miss anything." She told herself.

Looking at her watch, she noticed it was just about 4:45. Beatrice snatched her white handbag off the coat rack and went to the porch, waiting for her ride.

A few minutes later her daughter’s minivan pulled up with her granddaughter and great grandkids smiling and waving from the back.

Beatrice got in on the passenger side and turned to the little ones. "Are you all as excited as Granny Beatrice?"

"Yes!" they all cheered in unison.

As they cruised along, the children sang happy birthday to their grandmother.

"How sweet!  Did your mommy teach you that song?" Beatrice looked back at the children as they nodded their little heads.

"Well mom, here we are," Beatrice's daughter said, turning into the Chuck E. Cheese's parking lot.