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Writers' Showcase

An Impulse
by Edward Rodosek

Creator uttered a deep sigh, yawned, and gloomily looked around.

“What’s eating Thou?” Spir asked him.

“I’m dying of boredom,” Creator said.

“How Thou could be bored?” Spir was astonished. “Thou are almighty, Thou could do everything, and nothing would happen without Thou would allow.”

“Yeah, that’s true, but–”

“Thou live in heaven, Satan is safely imprisoned in Hell, the angels are fluttering all around, and Archangel Gabriel blows on his trumpet blues or rock only for Thou. What do Thou wish more, Creator?”

Creator shrugged with what should be His shoulders. “Why, I don’t know--all over is only emptiness; everything is just the same, always.”

“Explain this, if it pleases Thou.”

“Well, it would be nice if something happens--anything--do you get me? There is nothing I could do. I can only be idle and look at always the same translucent faces. And they aren’t too handsome either--present company excepted.”

“Thou don’t have imagination enough,” Spir said. “Inspiration is what Thou need.”

“Darn it!” exploded Creator. “Then you inspire me! Don’t forget that’s your job.”

Spir seemed a bit offended. “Regrettably the inspiration isn’t something what comes at a command. However, to please Thou, I’ll try to hit on something. Now I need, of course, a total quiet.”

A silence occurred, solemn and boring. A single angel flapped by and Creator waved impatiently his hand to chase him away.

“Now I know!” Spir shouted, radiant with happiness. “A marvellous idea struck me! If I wouldn’t be modest by nature, I’d said it was unique. Such a brilliant flash–” 

“Stop babbling,” Creator cut him short, “and tell me what you have thought out.”

Thought out is a bit too humble diction for such a… okay, okay. In short--from now on boredom would stop to exist for good. My idea is Thou could watch a real action--different actions with always changeable outcomes.”

“Just watch?” Creator’s voice sounded disappointed. “No, no--that would hardly be enough.”

“Wait a second. Thou are almighty, so Thou would be able, to do anything. To rule, direct, control, and guide all that actions and events, in accordance with Thou wish or impulse. And if Thou later get sick of it–”

“Enough of theory, Spir. You just give me a simple recipe what I should do for that purpose.”

Spir giggled. “Thou have to create two indispensable things--matter and time.”

“No problem,” Creator said. “Which of them first?”

“Simultaneously,” stressed Spir. “That’s the whole point. Which name would Thou choose for that new creation?”

Creator thought for a while. “Well, let it be Big Bang.”