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Writers' Showcase

Alek Comes to Earth
by Linda Taylor

Alek was a real cool dude dressed in his Erik Decorah famous mediumistic peach suit. Well, he had to blend in to make his mission on Earth a success. Camouflage was of the essence. The final touches of gelling of the hair was done in front of his image reflector unit. The outer lights of the unit glowed as he reached perfection.

As Earth’s atmosphere was reached, the vibratory force emanating from Stonehenge guided Howler on it’s last leg of the ten thousand light year journey. Alek’s energy levels were high – he had just consumed his energizer supplement and was raring to go. Leaving standby instructions on Howler’s intelligence centre, Alek glided through the spacecraft portal and into the unkown.

As Alek cast his eyes over Stonehenge it brought back memories of other similar structures seen on his journey throughout the Universe. He could make this his second home.

Alek was exasperated. His communicator device was silent. Where was agent Merlin? Suddenly, as is if from no where, Merlin appeared. Black sleek and purring. Cat eyes gazed solemnly over Alek. Thought transference made Alek realise that his intelligence had been matched by this silent feline creature. Merlin pressed his transporter device on his paw. Vibratory levels increased and they were off on the final stretch to meet Erky Baby.

Nano seconds later they materialised in Erky Baby’s room. It was a gold mine. Crystals abounded. An atmosphere of pure calmness. Merlin informed Alek that Erky Baby was out on a mission and would not be back until Moon rise. With that Merlin promptly disappeared, leaving Alek silently staring into a mass of crystals.

As the Earth time units expired it gave Alek the opportunity to reflect on his mission objectives. To bring the final proof of life outside Earth. Erky Baby would show him the way. The tension rose as the long wait for Erky Baby to enter the room came to a climax – the door opened.