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Writers' Showcase

A Further Four Poems
by G David Schwartz


I Love Most Of The Animals

I love most of the animals 
From the puppy to the flea
I both feed and respect them 
If they don't boner me
If skinks keep it to themselves 
Ands spaders just crawl away 
And monkeys can do anything 
As long as they keep their distance away 
Cats… well just forget them
But lions are alright
And sheep do not bother me 
And they help me get to sleep at night 
Tigers can growl
All they need to or wish  
And I have noting against 
The dolphins or the fish 
But there is one animal 
Whom I don't appreciate
 She sits nest to me in homeroom
And her name is Kate 


People Just Disappear 

People just disappear 
taking their faces and their legs 
And the only  news that your've got is
People just disappear 
Time rolls on and its gone
time rolls  far away
Taking people with them
Then theres nothing ekes to say  
People just disappear 
with no word of fairway 
People just disappear 
and where they go
who can tell.  


Floss Your Face

Floss your face 
Floss your place 
Floss your elbows 
And joint the race 
Floss your underwear 
Floss your clean brazier
Floss your neck  and floss your arms 
And just do well when your flossing charms 
Floss your legs  
and floss your piano 
And is you get a chance 
Floss your grand piano  


She Has Such A Hugh Smile 

She has such a hugh smile
It runs from wall to wall
After traveling a few yards down
The tremendously big hall