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Writers' Showcase

Wobbly Tooth
by Kim Wedler

Oh Belle, you’re tooth it wiggles! 
“It’s almost out!” she says and giggles. 
Come on Belle, don’t want to rush, 
Give your teeth a nice, good brush. 
Off to school now hurry, or you’ll be late! 
I can’t brush them, her excuse. 
It will hurt my tooth it’s lose. 
Now we’re running out of time, 
Mam sighs, “O.K.! it’s fine.” 
Pick up your lunch now hurry, or you’ll be late! 
They go out to play at last, 
Class 4B run out, so fast. 
Holding hands with best friend Grace, 
Until a ball, straight in her face. 
Back inside now hurry, or you’ll be late! 
Wait a minute, she did shout, 
My front tooth has fallen out! 
She looks upon the ground, 
But no tooth can now be found. 
Lessons start now hurry, or you’ll be late! 
Walking silently from school, 
Tear-stained face and runny drool. 
But mam, it isn’t funny. 
No tooth fairy! No, left money. 
Come inside now, nice, and warm, don’t want to wait. 
Mam kisses her goodnight, 
Still sad, so holds hand tight. 
In the morning you’ll feel better, 
Mam produces written letter. 
Come on now, go to sleep it’s very late! 
Off to sleep now close your eyes, 
In the morning, a surprise. 
With mam gone, she reads the note, 
To see the words, she kindly wrote. 
Come on tooth fairy please be kind and don’t be late. 
In the morning, 
Belle is Yawning, 
Under pillow, she can see, 
A shiny, sparkly, brand new 50p. 
A note enclosed to little Belle, to read it she can’t wait! 
Dear Belle, you lost your tooth, 
Your mum says that’s the truth. 
You won’t get fillings or decay, 
If you brush two times a day. 
Next time, I’ll leave a pound! Won’t that be great!