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Who Says You Can't Go Back?
by Don Drewniak

For those not familiar with the time-honored game of golf, a mulligan refers to being allowed to get a second shot to replace a bad one. It is most often limited to one per eighteen holes, and usually is employed by weekend golfers.

Before we proceed any further, there is a case wherein a golfer who took a mulligan immediately regretted his doing so. It happened in 1994 on a New Jersey golf course when a co-founder of a large American company took a mulligan and proceeded to hit another golfer, knocking him unconscious. The errant mulligan resulted in a lawsuit.

Ah, but we have a much more serious mulligan to discuss. One that may have already been used by you and countless other humans on our tiny rock called Earth. This is a mulligan that perhaps all human beings have lurking within their quantum consciousness. A one-time ticket to travel back in time and re-do one particular action that one regrets.

You are at a local pub and decide to have two or three drinks beyond your normal number. The result: you slam into a tree or a runaway aardvark and find yourself confined to a wheelchair for life. A mulligan to the rescue.

You promised yourself going into high school that you would pay attention in all classes, take notes, complete homework assignments and study for tests. Instead, you spent your spare time in a pool hall and ultimately failed to graduate. A mulligan to the rescue.

You find yourself addicted to donuts. First it was one donut with coffee from a local donut emporium on the way to work. Then two. Then three. Then a half dozen that disappeared before the morning coffee break. Finally, it was a dozen, the second half becoming your lunch. The result? Three hundred pounds. A mulligan to the rescue.

You spot a stock of a struggling company that has been dropping steadily and has plummeted to under five dollars per share. A good time to buy? You pass. The company rights the ship and is trading at two hundred a share. A mulligan to the rescue.

You attend a hometown fraternity party with your college sweetheart. She spots a small group of girlfriends and wanders over to them. Meanwhile, the head cheerleader from your high school days comes and gives you a hug. Ten minutes later find you are alone with her in a second-floor bedroom. When you emerge from the room, your sweetheart is standing in the hallway. End of relationship. A mulligan to the rescue.

Or, you are a female who goes to a fraternity party with your college sweetheart. He disappears to have a few beers with the guys. A handsome guy who was captain of your high basketball team greets you and a few minutes later you are upstairs. A mulligan to the rescue.

Think back to the bad decisions or poor choices you may have made over the course of your life. Is there one you would erase with a mulligan?

If you said yes, these are the parameters. You travel back to the moment of the regretted decision. If you choose a different path; for example, you tell the cheerleader, “It has been great talking to you,” give her a brief kiss on a cheek and rejoin your sweetheart, the memory of the life you lived after that encounter is erased. It’s a total re-do.

But wait. There may be more.

There is the possibility that our universe is but one in a multiverse; that is, an infinite number of universes. If that is the case, then there has to be an infinite number of possibilities. Ergo, we would not only be able to exercise a single mulligan, but a mulligan would automatically be created every time we make a decision, even if it appears to be insignificant.

Addendum: I have received queries from those in need of three, ten, 100, 600 mulligans. Not necessary. One need only to travel back to the earliest event to which you would like to use your mulligan. As soon as it goes into effect, all of your other regretted happenings would vanish. Of course, there would be no guarantee that you wouldn’t make a similar number of new mistakes.

Addendum: If we do exist in a multiverse, then the odds are that we are not the original “us.” We would most likely be the creation of a decision made by another one of us sometime in the past.