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When I Consider...
(With a nod to John Milton’s On His Blindness, 1608-1674)
by Ray Fuller

When I consider how my cash is spent 
E’re half the week, in these hard times, not cheap, 
And that five quid which I’d vowed I’d keep, 
Blown on the horses, though myself was sent 
To buy therewith some ciggies and present 
Them to my love; lest she returning shout 
‘Where are my fags you shameful, worthless lout!’ 
And beat me up; with patience to prevent 
This outcome I reply, ‘You do not need 
Either your fags or your own pipe. Who best 
Live a long life, they breathe clean air; their state 
Is healthy. Thousands who do crave the weed 
Must queue for months for surgery, without rest: 
They all deserve to have to stand and wait’.