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Wasting Away
by Ian Curtress

I am having a problem with a badger, he seems to have the idea my garden is an archaeological dig. Has obviously heard about all the Romans that settled here in lovely Gloucestershire and wants to get in on the act.
I gather the perks of the job are a regular supply of worms and finding mosaics is well down on his list of priorities.
I have tried to discourage him but he is obviously aware he’s a protected species.
Thought I found where he was breaking through and put two very heavy Cotswold stones to block it but he just pushed them to one side.
Amazing strength.
I set an IR trail camera up at nights thinking the flash might put him off but he’s not camera shy, in fact he has begun to pose, picking his good side.
I searched every site which had the word badger in it hoping for a possible solution and finally struck lucky.
It appears they don’t like the smell of humans, well I’m not too fussy about a whiff of badger if I’m being honest but It has been noted by foresters they give a wide berth to trees which have been used as screens by the odd desperate motorist aiming to make himself comfy for the rest of the journey.
With this in mind I decided to give it a whirl, possibly not a delicate description of the procedure but after all, the product is going to waste if you see what I mean.
A watering can was allocated to the task and a routine quickly developed where a suitable spray of this, now valuable, product was deposited alongside the fence which he seems to favour
After a week his visits were reduced and flushed with success I increased the quantity.
It has been a month now and Brock has got the message.
No visits and holes filled in.
Put my experience on YouTube thinking it might become a little earner but only a trickle of interest.
Called over the fence today to tell my neighbour about my success and he said they were aware of the treatment and he had a bit of news for me.
They have decided to move. The house is sold and they found a lovely detached property just a few miles away.
I said they were lucky to find what they wanted so quickly.
He said yes, as his wife remarked.
Heaven Scent!