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Two Bites
by Ian Curtress

Why not try an experiment not as silly as appears
It came to me while looking back in my declining years
It is natural and heart warming to remember times long past
When you thought you were here forever, everything would last
There are so many little cameos flashing across the mind
But in general not unique, I don’t mean to be unkind
I will try to explain my offbeat thoughts, not an easy task
The imagination will be stretched, but a hearing’s all I ask
No attempt at being morbid but try to think you’re old
What would you wish to remember, what occasion to unfold
When you met your first and only love, that sudden heartstring tug
When you had her on your arm, looking rather smug
The Day you saw her all in White. A picture on mind engraved
Began life together. Magic moments forever saved
Or what about your first born when you became a Dad
The worrying and waiting driving you half mad
Marvel at your toddler making those first attempts to walk
Boring all your friends and colleagues with your Baby talk
On those magic holidays making castles in the sands
and watching them knock them down with those tiny little hands
Very special moments when you looked into a loved ones eyes
Your hearts met in a wonderland taken by surprise
By now you may understand my suggestion, this will be your looking back
Cameos by then unique, no detail will they lack
So relish every occasion as a gem stored for later years
Two bites of the cherry, will warm those happy tears