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Troop Movements
by Ian Curtress

He was a nice young man, a journalist wanting to write stories about the war on the Home Front, so to speak.

I am interested in the group of women who gave comfort to the troops at home.

Oh you mean the Chelsea Five. A notorious group of stalwarts led by the indestructible Diane. Fifty two and a goer.
Kept two “entertaining” diaries, one for British squaddies and one for the Yanks.
Had her own way of teaching close combat.

And you had the hots for her?

Well I had certain yearnings but she always seemed to have a full dance card.

Wasn’t she once a vicar?

Oh yes but Unfrocked.

When was that?

Christmas Eve 1942 behind the scouts hut.

Is it true the American Generals visited her when they arrived in the UK?

Yes. She was listed in the “must see” GI Handbook
She often went on manoeuvres with them.
After her hunting days there was nothing you could teach her about foxholes
It is thought that D.Day was code named after Diane.

Didn’t she have an underground network?

Oh yes Central line, Shepards Bush and all stops to Bethnall Green

What happened to her after the war?

I understand she was conscripted by MI something or other
Went under cover (that was a first) because of her ability to get information from suspects.
Resigned after being seen driving a new BMW
It was said she signed the Official Secrets Act in invisible ink.

Did she ever settle down?

Well I heard from one of her team after the war .
She married a GI and was in the States.
Bought a Condominium.
Most appropriate.

I’m still not sure if he worked that one out. But a nice young man.