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Writers' Showcase

The Lucky Man
by Ian Curtress

I’ve seen the moors of Yorkshire
In Heather and in green
I’ve seen the Stray in Harrogate
To Betty’s I have been
I’ve seen the peaks in Scotland
I have fished in well-known lochs
I’ve never tried real climbing
Just scrambled over rocks
Suffolk’s lovely villages
Cambridge with its fens
Essex with its secret creeks
They all have many friends
In the south there are the gorgeous Downs
With their many special walks
The vivid green contrasting
With the brightness of their chalks
But I have been the lucky one
For 20 years and some
To live within the Cotswolds
Heaven.Next to none
Broadway, the Camden’s, Bibury and there’s Stow
Then there’s Moreton and the Slaughters
To which you all should go
But the secret lies in the narrow lanes
Over high ground, around tight bends
You’ll find those hidden villages
Honey coloured cottages like old friends
Secluded ancient Manors in winter only seen
When stately twisted branches
are completely free of green
Occasionally a new build
Which though fresh, no cause to sigh
Using local stone and Cotswold style
easy on the eye
And don’t forget dear Painswick
So many visits made
The happiest of memories
which time will never fade
So when my life comes to an end
and I am laid to rest
Don’t ever mourn the things I’ve missed
No. I have seen the best