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Writers' Showcase

The Lady of the Wold
by Ian Curtress

No one alive can tell the day when the Lady was first seen
Generations have passed on their tales. So many has there been
All visions have their lasting joy. Her cloak of burnished gold
Her beauty never equalled. The Lady of the Wold

They say if you should catch her smile your heart is set aflame
Such elegance and beauty your life ne’er’ be the same
How was she born. Another World. Perhaps in heavens fold
Sent to Earth to spirits lift. The Lady of the Wold

On days of grey when depression strikes for reasons oft unseen
One can but hope, although forlorn, to glimpse a magic scene
Where your soul becomes uplifted and a happy future is foretold
By a sudden vision beyond belief. The Lady of the Wold

I write these words to share with you just how I was blessed
I saw her smile and loving eyes as my soul she laid to rest
In that defining moment life's meaning I could behold
In others see only beauty. The Lady of the Wold