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The Kottage with a Kay
by Ian Curtress

He pulled a book from his bookcase, a thin one, had no time for a long read.
Like most of us, there were books he had read in the past but could not remember their content and several he had never read. This was one he hadn’t noticed before “The Kottage with a Kay” very unusual title.
He knew a Kay once. Lovely memories came flooding in. How long ago was it, must be twenty five years at least. He recalled the one and only time she visited. Bitter sweet.
An acceptance of the inevitable. He had hated goodbyes ever since.
He had taken a cottage in a small Devonshire hamlet in an attempt to write a novel. Like many of us we think we have a book inside us. In most cases it stays inside as in his case and just as well.
His excuse was an unforeseen distraction. There was a small cove very near the cottage and he had taken a flask of coffee hoping the beautiful sea and sky would give him inspiration. To his surprise there was just a solitary figure sitting on a large flat rock.
It was unavoidable that he should speak to her.
After the usual formalities, “I’m Bobby, I’m Kay“ they were soon chatting like old friends. She was a lovely young lady with a most attractive lilt to her voice. He could hear it now Their conversation covered where they lived, why they were in Devon.
Her expression saddened when asked for her reason and further details were avoided. It seemed natural they should meet again the following day and there followed a remarkable friendship which very quickly became a remarkable love
His aspirations of a book dissolved and she suggested he try poetry, write one for her every morning.
To his surprise, and hers, he found words flowing easily.
A routine developed, she came to his cottage and he would write her a poem while she prepared meals.
They had an idyllic month of friendship and love. The memory has left scars.
She would never give a reason for being unable to keep in touch when he returned home.
She agreed she would telephone him and visit just once. She would spend the day with him and no contact after that. And no questions to be asked.
That day had been a mixture of unbelievable joy and an awful sadness knowing it would be their last.
She would not give him any contact number or address
He opened the book A Kottage with a Kay and was puzzled as it was a pouch containing many folded papers. On the pouch was written “Remember me”
“I could not hand these to you today it would have been too painful and too many questions.
I am sure sometime in your life you will find this “book” and understand. Opening them up he gasped. They were his poems to Kay
Having read them all and relived that wonderful period in his life he was lovingly replacing them when he saw a page pasted inside the cover.
His eyed filled. A leaflet which Headed….
Understanding Huntingtons