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Writers' Showcase

The Ideal Poem
by Bill Tope

Reading somewhere that the "ideal" on-line
poem was just 19 lines in length, I aspired to
create one that long.  How hard could it be?
This from a poet who pens verses of 100 lines
or more. This factoid explained further that
said poem was really "about" nothing at all;
rather, it was "fruitless lyricism," whatever
that is.  I note that already I've consumed
some 50% of my allotted space.
I must concentrate, make each word count,
perhaps use words with more than one
meaning; a vocabulary which virtually flies
of the page.  Of course, I could  widen my
lines to 70 characters rather than my usual
width of just 39.  But, I don't want to cut it
too fine; it must conclude on a note of clarity,
with some point actually being made. Don't
want to be too obvious, after all. There, about
got it. Almost finished.  Now, that wasn't so