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The Grim Reaper and the Senator
by Don Drewniak

With scythe in hand, one of the thousands of Grim Reapers roaming planet Earth passed through a closed, solid oak door into a $600 per night hotel suite. He then glided from a combination living room/kitchenette into a large bedroom featuring a $3000 Texas King bed. 

Reaper was acclimated to working in dark rooms and, as a result, had no problem seeing the shapes of two figures lying underneath a LilySilk sheet in the darkened room.

As the Reaper approached the bed, the curved metallic end of his scythe reflected light from a nearby building. The light caught the eyes of a United States senator jolting him into a sitting position while the second figure remained motionless under the top sheet.

“Ah, Senator Rawlings, so good to meet you. Your time here on Earth is about to expire.”

“There must be some mistake. I am only forty-seven and I have important work still to do for the people of my state.”

“You mean that you have more money you want to add to the four million dollars that you have gained since being elected to the Senate.”“Name your price.”

“You are a fool to think your money has any meaning to me. I have severed heads for less than your pathetic bribe.”

“Sorry, sorry.”

“Your new home will be in the fires of Hell that you will share for eternity with countless thousands of other politicians from every country on Earth past and present.”

As the Reaper was speaking, Rawlings noticed that his eyes were focused on what was obviously a female figure totally covered by the top sheet. In particular, the Reaper's gaze was centered on what were undoubtedly two large breasts.

Rawlings tossed out a Hail Mary. “Reaper, give me ten more years to live, two minutes to put on some clothing and I will be gone. My mistress will be yours.”

“I could easily send you to Hell at any moment and still have your mistress. However, as you will find out, your every waking moment for the next ten years will be spent in fear knowing that your fate is to be in Hell for eternity. Your two minute grace period has begun.”

Rawlings quickly put on some clothing, grabbed his wallet and a briefcase before bolting out of the suite.

Smiling, the Reaper quietly placed his scythe on the floor and made his way to the head of the bed. He gently grasped the top sheet between his right thumb and forefinger before slowly removing it from his new mistress. He stopped when her breasts were exposed.

“Damn that Rawlings, it's an inflatable doll!”