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The Dining Table
by Ian Curtress

The demise of the dining table and with it the family.
The highlight of day used to be sitting down to dinner, the family complete and ready to eat together, using cutlery!
Enjoying real food cooked with love by real people .
An atmosphere as no other.
Relating incidents which had occurred in “your day” good, bad, funny or thought provoking.
The room came to life. Discussions, never arguments.
Confrontation was not a national pastime in those days !
Jointly we found answers to problems, aired differences. Used our minds, a novelty today.
We didn’t have to ask Alexa. Go to Google. We thought for ourselves and had great satisfaction in so doing. We read books!
We weren’t robots waiting for American marketing teams to lead us into their world of the herd and mindless.
There was an unwritten rule that no one left the table until all had finished, this was never used as we were all reluctant so to do.
Bedrooms were for sleeping or quietly doing home work.
Members of the family were Not Lodgers.
When young we made friends. Not gangs! We had fun, got up to mischief (look it up).
Enjoyed their company. Did not write illiterate filth about them because they said something to which we didn’t agree.
Could read, write and spell our lovely language. Could express ourselves. Not txt!

All this was our world. The Thirties.
Money was tight, war was on the horizon and an idyllic childhood was about to experience unbelievable loss and horror.
This may seem a contradiction but during the years which followed I experienced the
British people at their best. Their finest hour.
Courage beyond words by Men, Women and children.
Built on a society with family values.

Years of affluence has bred the most weak, illiterate and degenerate society.
Drug dependant, unable to appreciate the environment, beauty or the written word.
A society which replaced Love with Sex.
All the above brought to the fore by the pandemic.
The warped attitudes, behaviour and lack of substance and indeed cowardice has been there for all to see.
Start their day by checking on Facebook, Google and YouTube to find what they should be thinking for the next twenty four hours.

There is hope. There is still a core of intelligent, caring young people.
Individuals brought up with sound roots and values

Everyday one now reads examples of selfless acts. People who care for people and their Country.
I have to believe their numbers will increase and there is hope for a better world for my GreatGrandChildren.