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Writers' Showcase

The Battle of Ageing Court
by Ian Curtress

Is that gingerTom yours No.1 said, it’s making a mess of my lawn
My cat is well trained No.2 said. not like your dog barking at dawn
Yes I heard him, No.3 said. Woke hubby to have a good look
Took a picture with his mobile and he’s putting them all in a book
Heard No3. alarm go off No.4 sleepily moaned.
Three o’clock, admit it’s not very nice
If I were you No.5 said, ask the Council for legal advice
While you’re at it No.6 ordered, ask to clear that bit at the back
It’s like a rubbish dump, bone idle, has he been given the sack
She’s no better No.7 butted in, on benefit and two holidays this year
No money to repair that awful shed but plenty when it comes to his beer.
Well what do you make of her at the end, home at all hours and worse
No.8 joined in, sounding so prim, pretends she’s a NHS nurse!
Some are too quick to judge, should look to their own said 9
We’ve all noticed the wheelie bin, someone’s fond of their wine!
I’m worried about the latest said No.10. Someone’s bought the very last plot
I just hope they’ll be friendly and quickly fit in.
We’re such an agreeable lot!