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Writers' Showcase

Sunset Thoughts
by Ian Curtress

I want to die with my boots on
doing something I should not have tried
So they’d say he would have liked that
He’d have liked the way he died
Not waiting for Demerara to tamper with my wits
or loose control of bodily functions
and be inconsistent with...... my bits
Look down and see odd socks on
even worse, not really care
Whose going to look at me
Dozing in my chair.
No, that’s not in my nature
Not saying I want a scene
Nothing outrageous
Just to know “I’ve been”!
I hope to have made more laughs and smiles
than given cause to frown
I wouldn’t take offence you know
To have been thought of as a clown
Have always seen a silver lining
Knew there would be clouds
Had little time for pessimists
Waiting for their shrouds
No. Just take a look around you
Think of all that love
More than you deserve no doubt
So no need for “Up Above”