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Writers' Showcase

Show and Tell
by Kim Wedler

“It’s 8.30 already!” exclaimed our young Belle, 
“Last Friday in month, it’s class show and tell.” 
She skipped to the kitchen and then her heart sank, 
Goldie the fish was not in his tank. 
Belle looked at her mother, “I have something to say”. 
“Last night our Goldie, she did pass away”. 
This cannot be true, what to do? Goodness sake!
“I need to bring something to show, what else can I take?” 
Mother looked round. Belle started to cry. 
“Don’t unsettle yourself, here, take gran’s apple pie”. 
“Gran’s apple pie!” she started to fret. 
All other children will be taking their pet! 
I have to go now, or I will be late. 
She picked up the pie on Mam’s special plate. 
Then after school dinner, “Show and Tell time!” said Miss. 
They sat on the floor and put names on the list. 
Scott was up first, gave his rabbit a hug. 
Belle looked down at the floor, next to Lucy and bug. 
Tracey leapt up with Minty her anxious large turtle. 
Colin went next with Sammy the gerbil. 
Anthony with snake, a pet really so cool. 
Belle tried to not cry; she’d look like a fool. 
Then something happened, that Belle won’t forget. 
Clive the snake, ate up poor Colin’s pet. 
The children all wailed and cried many tears! 
The teacher looked anxious; it confirmed her worst fears. 
Belle had an idea “I have a plan!” 
I’ve bought a pie made by my gran. 
The children stopped crying; the pie sounded nice. 
They sat in a circle and all had a slice. 
Then suddenly a burp from that snake called Clive. 
Sammy gerbil flung out, still intact and alive! 
Then the bell rang for home time, Belle was off, like a rocket. 
Heading back home, Plate in bag, hand in pocket. 
Mam answered the door. “How was show and tell?” 
Fantastic she said, and the pie went down well!!