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Shipmates - Part 2
by Ian Curtress

It has been over six months since that fateful Sunday when Hetty arrived with a large suitcase and an even larger tale of woe.
From what I could gather he was trying his best to keep their heads above water after a financial disaster, not of his making.
He was obviously very stressed, trying to find solutions and unable to give much time to Hetty.
My understanding of the situation was Hetty could have given him more support and bolstered his confidence.
How true is the saying a problem shared is a problem halved.
But as I think I have mentioned in the past, I am reluctant to become involved in another’s domestic affairs.
You will appreciate our way of life has disintegrated with another woman in the house and there are times when I seem to be walking a tight rope.
Hetty is naturally very friendly and occasionally perhaps a little too friendly from my Wife’s point of view.
We are a very happily married couple and there has been no rocking the boat, until now.

I cannot get used to a bathroom sometimes looking like a lingerie showroom.
Items which only look right with legs in them, preferably my Wifes
I’m sure when we are sitting having dinner sometimes memories are recalled of us sitting together on the cruise. Peter missing.
My wife tells me Peters letters are more frequent now and Hetty looks forward to them so fingers crossed there might be a glimmer of hope for us.

Have hit a major problem. My Wifes Mother is rather poorly and would understandably like her to spend a couple of weeks with her. We have no urgent commitments and under normal circumstances I would drive her as soon as her case was packed.
The drive is under three hours.
You can see the problem. Me left in the house with Hetty.
Whilst I know all would be aboveboard so to speak, I can understand the discomfort this would give my Wife. A no no from the start.
The alternative is leaving our home occupied by Hetty.
My wife has been very tactful. Saying she would like me with her at her Mothers and knows Hetty would look after our house for two weeks.
Hetty was thrilled and we left, with some apprehension, the following day.

We didn’t telephone for a week so that she didn’t think there was any distrust and when we did, she said everything was fine. So we relaxed. Well almost.
Mother-in-law was now feeling much better and we decided to leave soon

We telephoned Hetty to say we would be back for lunch the following day and she said she would have a meal ready.
It was comforting to be pulling into our driveway again and to be reassured all was well.

There in our drive was another car. Suddenly all pleasure at arriving home sunk without trace.
With very mixed feelings I turned the key in the lock and as we stepped into the hall, the sitting room door was flung open and an excited Hetty shouted surprise surprise!
There in my favourite chair sat Peter.
He shook my hand warmly saying I have come to take my Hetty home where she belongs.
After regaining our equilibrium my Wife said you must stay the night for us to hear all the news.
It appears Peter had been able to put in writing what he had been unable to say to Hetty. It was like magic. Hetty understood, she was upset that he hadn’t been able to really talk to her when he was so low.
It had given him the jolt he needed. He had obtained a new position and security, but best of all he had found his wife again.
That evening as we were having dinner my mind drifted.
Here were two couples, very much in love, having a lovely dinner together.
I’m sure I heard the sea and felt the ship roll a little.