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Writers' Showcase

by Ian Curtress

Winner of Age UK Poetry Competition 2022

Slowly as first shoots of SPRING the years pass one by one
Filled with dreams and hopes and thoughts of many years to come
Exciting possibilities, serendipity, yes some strife
But mostly the joy of living
The Gift. The joy of Life

In SUMMER, fulfilment, few disappointments stain the page
You feel invincible. That comes with tender age
So much to see so, much to try. Days seem all to few
Immersed in happiness. Always things to do
But summers must run their course and gently fade and die
To be replaced by AUTUMN, but there is no cause to sigh

A time for reflection. The mind to bathe in thought
Perhaps recall the happiness to others you have brought
Achievements and values adjusted and refined
Learned to listen and to keep an open mind
As AUTUMN draws to its close, leaves fall like broken dreams
Acceptance of the vagaries of life. Lesson learned it seems

Now replaced by WINTER with all it’s chill and storm
Your thoughts go back to Spring again
They help to keep you warm
The SEASONS so essential, you notice as they pass
That only by their passing, can you appreciate the last

And so the cycle is complete as it is with life
Your WINTER draws to a close. Gently, without strife
Looking back with kindness. Thoughts warm your soul
Happiness replacing sadness. Memories unroll
Any doubts you had are fading. Your heart can quietly sing
Your life has given others. The chance to have Their Spring