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Writers' Showcase

Rock of Ages
by Ian Curtress

Broken rest so what’s new. Will power now. Legs out of bed.
Pain is miserable and disabling, any respite welcome but unlikely so
make the effort to tackle the North Face of the Bathroom.
No Sherpa to help with the shower so watch footing.
Attention drawn to poor design, third arm would have been a
quantum leap forward in safety and productivity.
Only a matter of time. Genetic engineering catching up with IT
Have made safe arrival at Camp bathrobe and modicum of comfort.
Gaining strength for traverse to bedroom.
Very near miss again at Landing Crevice.
Must make note to leave piton nearby.
Fall would be fatal, no companion to whom I could be roped.
Have made it once again but odds not looking good.
Last metre to what is known as The Chair a challenge.
Why is clothing for the day so difficult to handle.
Again a possible design weakness.
Either longer arms or shorter legs to tackle socks and footwear.
Dreaming of a climate where one could get by with just Y fronts.
Now the real challenge, the perilous descent to Base Camp.
First stage to Landing Crevice on level so tiring but minimal risk.
Looking down. The apprehension never changes. Grit teeth, concentrate.
Don’t attempt to take chances thinking about the brew you will make when safe.
Even my shakes have the shakes. Ignore the obvious signs
Cannot describe the relief at the safety of Base Camp.
For a while, joints, muscles and weariness are forgotten looking into a mug of
piping hot tea
Euphoria wears off as the essential chores to be tackled are considered
Some ambitious, others essential, like meals to be planned and prepared
All will be exhausting.
How incredible it must be to have a team or be a young man again.
Don’t dwell on the impossible, yours is a solo challenge, so head down and
Welcome to my world.