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Writers' Showcase

(With apologies to Windmills of your mind)

by Ian Curtress

Like an Oblong in a Circle
Like a Triangle in a Square
Like a vagrant with amnesia
He doesn’t know he’s there
An Elliptical drawing
Written in the sand
Too many ragged Curves
Perhaps a withered hand
A Rectangle with no edges
Five corners can be seen
Is it Levitation
Or is it just my dream
Am I standing. Am I leaning
Am I floating in the air
Lost in Concentric Circles
Is that me standing over there
Why suddenly you're missing
From where you used to be
I am confined in this Euclid
Trapped in Geometry
Is that a Compass on the floor
With a Set Square by its side
A Sphere floats above them
Finds nowhere it can hide
I see a broken Ruler
And although it’s of no use
An urgent need is calling
Or am I just Obtuse
A Trapezium is swinging
The Rhombus got it wrong
The cage is hanging empty
Where has poor Polygon.