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Pros and Cons Of Working At Home On Zoom Instead Of Going To The Office
by George Beckerman

Pro: The new break room is your own kitchen.
Con: Your new break room eventually sends you to Weight Watchers.
Pro: You can be in Maui and still photo-project your home office in the background.
Con: Dream on. You’re not going to Maui.
Pro: Your dog’s separation anxiety problem solved.
Con: Your dog is over you. Go to the moon for all he cares.
Pro: No need for makeup.
Con: Horrified onscreen looks you get from your co-workers.
Pro: Glasses with lenses that display eyes open and attentive while you’re asleep behind them.
Con: Snoring.
Pro: No commute is good for environment.
Con: Your expensive, leased car sitting in your driveway not good for your mental environment.
Pro: More time with kids.
Con: More time with kids.
Pro: Makes quiet quitting a breeze.
Con: You have no idea what quiet quitting is.
Pro: You can put annoying co-workers on mute.
Con: Discovering that you’ve been put on mute.
Pro: Pants not necessary.
Con: Reflexively jumping up when you hear Amazon at the front door delivering your new yoga outfit.
Pro: Increased chances for screen time with your boss.
Con: Realizing that your boss doesn’t know who you are.