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Pros And Cons Of Replacing Congress With AI
by George Beckerman

50 Senators, 435 Reps and all tv analysts with touchscreen election maps will have to find real jobs.
Dress code, ethics code and adult behavior code will now be unnecessary.
No more perks for jerks.
AI can’t be bribed by lobbyists.
Neither Congress nor AI have spines, so that’s a wash.
Filibuster will join Blockbuster as obsolete.
Siri will answer all media questions.
Boring grandstanding speeches can be replaced with dialogue plagiarized from “Mr. Smith Goes To Washington” and “My Cousin Vinny.”
Gridlock will go back to being only a driving problem.
Gerrymander this.
The Capitol Building can be subdivided into condos.
It’s difficult for computer code to overthrow the government.
In D.C., the smell of bullshit will be replaced by clean air.
The Supreme Court will be shaking in its robes.
There are no cons.