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Prince for a Day
by Ian Curtress

I’m sure you will have enjoyed as I, a Day which was worth a week of memories.
We started out early as we only had that one Day. Roads were pretty good, no serious holdups and cushioned ourselves in the most gorgeous English summer weather
At just before eleven we were having coffee on the hotel balcony in Salcombe I was aware of others nearby and yet somehow we were alone.
The sun umbrella gave welcome shade as we chatted about how easy it seemed to enter another “world” in a matter of hours.
Many times I had talked about the possibilities of such a Day, never believing it would happen. But love conquers all as they say.
The sea looked so inviting but we knew there would be no time for swimwear. Watching others welcoming every new wave, and hearing the laughter, found us smiling with them.
One should not waste time thinking what ifs! But it’s difficult not to imagine having a day like this as the “norm”
We avoided facing the impossible and inevitable. Nothing would spoil Our Day Strolling around Salcombe we ended up on the harbour.
There were so many mouth watering boats bobbing up and down on crystal water. The “beautiful people” in their navy and white, draped over the decks
I said what about throwing caution to the wind and asking if there was anyone leaving for Guernsey and we escape, accepting the consequences.
All sounds so easy when cocooned in a love so perfect, so enduring, so impossible Laughed it off, rather a hollow laugh, and ambled off to find a little restaurant to suit our mood and where we enjoyed a very pleasant lunch.
Got into conversation with a young couple who were on their honeymoon. Looking at their smiles and their eyes was like looking in a mirror for us.
I have to admit pangs of envy.
We then did the obligatory window shopping, found a beautiful silk scarf.
To put around my shoulders when your arms are no longer there, she mused.. We returned to the hotel balcony and talked as if all was well, as if this was ok! As if there were no problems! Held hands to reassure each other.
A strange happy, temporary comfort.
I arranged dinner for seven as I knew we would have to leave by eight thirty.
Dinner was to be a poignant memory as we were both aware, it would be our last, but in its own way not sad.
We had experienced what so few will know. Two people almost as one with memories which no one can enter. No one can steal.

She slept on the drive home. It was difficult to keep my eyes on the road.
I had an Angel asleep in my car. A vision I am still unable to recall without a pounding heart and a dreadful longing.
We arrived at her home just on midnight..
A last Goodnight…….. Goodbye…… My beautiful Cinderella I drove home accepting what I always knew
I would never go to the Ball!