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Writers' Showcase

by Ian Curtress

They say it all started as a bit of a joke
A little innocent fun
A sort of Indoor Olympics for seniors
Not a sprint or a rather long run
But something that was a challenge
With only furniture as props
Gravity defying gymnastics
Based on Fosbury Flops
I took it all too seriously
Old habit’s! as is my want
Could only get one leg over
Excuse the ‘double entente’
The bar, the lamp and telephone
Took off like November the fifth
The report that I landed quite safely
I assure you was only a myth
The somersault was really quite elegant
For such a confined interior
My poor head took the full impact
How I wish it had been my posterior
The paramedic was understanding
Finding hobbies for seniors is hard
So stick at it Grandad he said
And kindly left me his card.