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Writers' Showcase

Ode to Katie
by Ian Curtress

I return to the subject often contemplated
A time when minds must be concentrated
There are those quite infuriated
Question my thoughts so ruminated
But surely a subject to be debated
This question never overrated
The wonder of Women, evaluated
Many thoughts have been donated
Most agree they should be feted
Old ideas now outdated
Many soon become frustrated
But those of us with minds cultivated
Will continue as ever fascinated
Ignore those easily aggravated
Our enthusiasm remains unabated
Is it just beauty uncomplicated
All too easy, past thoughts antiquated
Certainly personality illuminated
It’s right these suggestions promulgated
So many attributes to be evaluated
Then suddenly all thoughts invalidated
What if Nature had deviated
And uniquely conjugated
Perfected genes then mutated
Heavens somehow orchestrated
All that’s good encapsulated
A mould used once then decimated
Hearts rehabilitated
All ones dreams amalgamated
Never to be RepliKatied.